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Antiracist and Culturally Responsive Coaching for Learning and Achievement Specialists, Equity Specialists and Staff Development Teachers

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10/25/2023   02:00 PM

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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to partner with a vendor who specializes in antiracist equity training and who provides professional coaching, as well as coaching training, for leaders in education. Antiracism as defined by MCPS is “actively working to ensure racial justice by identifying, interrupting, and dismantling racist practices, policies, and attitudes that disproportionately harm communities of color.” This RFP seeks to elevate the skills of Learning and Achievement Specialists (LASs), Equity Specialists and Staff Development Teachers (SDTs) whose key role is to ensure schools’ progress on improvement plans and identification and interruption of inequities - with the aim of transforming the school system into an antiracist, equitable, and inclusive district where every child gets what they need, every day, in order to thrive; and, all students, families, and staff feel safe, valued, seen, heard, and successful.

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