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ADA Chairlifts Replacement at Various Locations

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It is the intention of these specifications to fully cover the furnishing of materials and labor for ADA Chairlift replacement, adhering to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) specifications herein and manufacturer’s installation instructions. This shall include the removal and disposal of all existing equipment as required. The successful contractor will be required to submit the Asbestos Free Material Verification Form as applicable and required herein (See General Conditions Section K and APPENDIX G). 2. Bid prices offered shall be all inclusive, including but not limited to labor, equipment and miscellaneous materials to satisfy all specification requirements herein. All costs shall be included in the bid prices submitted. All work shall be performed in accordance with the latest applicable laws, codes and regulations of the various regulatory bodies of the State of Maryland, Federal/Local Governments, the National Fire Protection Association, and all other boards or departments having jurisdiction. These regulations and standards will be further considered a part of these specifications and conditions. Any items or requirements noted herein and in excess of code requirements permitted under the code shall take preference. The Contractor shall furnish and install any additional items required by the same, whether or not particularly shown or specified.

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