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The specifications contained herein are intended to cover the furnishing and inside delivery of the specified scan and business form(s) to the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Supply and Property Warehouse, 502 North Stonestreet Avenue Rockville, Maryland 20850. In some cases when the volume is small, unusual or emergency situations, etc., the purchase order will indicate inside delivery directly to the computer facility, MCPS Data Center 45 West Gude Drive Suite LLC10, Rockville, Maryland 20850. In the event of the requirement to order for disaster recovery (DR) purposes, location will be indicated on purchase order or by telephone. The vendor(s) must understand that not all forms may be ordered during the contract term due to supplies on hand or changes. Various order volumes will be indicated for ordering purposes with annual volume for total ordering during the year. In addition, it is possible new forms could be added during the contract term. Since by nature, disasters are unpredictable. Emergency supplies would be needed for approximately one month should a Disaster Recovery be necessary. Not all the listed forms would be ordered due in part to the seasonal type of processing. It should also be expected that it would be highly likely the forms would be needed at a non-specific remote location (e.g., Philadelphia, PA, Herndon, VA, etc.)

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