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REJECTED - Professional Learning for Bilingual and Biliteracy Programs

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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to partner with an organization who provides English, Spanish, and bilingual in-district workshops, on-site coaching, unit writing, and Bridging co-facilitating strategies to best support bilingualism and biliteracy in a dual language program in accordance to the Guiding Principles of Dual Language 3rd edition. This RFP seeks partners who provide ongoing professional learning for teachers, building and district leaders in 5 elementary schools surrounding best instructional practices for a dual language classroom, ensuring that all students have access to high quality instruction aligned to the Three Pillars of Dual Language, language allocation, bilingual intervention and special education services, biliteracy reading targets, and curricular adaptations and modifications. Ultimately, this proposal seeks to increase the capacity of all who serve in Dual Language programming, thus preparing students to become truly bilingual and biliterate.

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